C o n t e m p o r a r y   A r t i s t


Master investigation

September 2021
Commission of the Truth 
Colombian Peace Process
Poetry book of victims of the Colombian Conflict. 
Cover and chapters.

Photography of the inauguration of the event.

 Shot visualization of the youtube live event.

 September 2020 
Velasquez Commission Print

July 2021 
Jake Manga
Poster and Manga

  (Display of two different frames).

 January 2021
 Illustration for Monica Mojica

January 2021

Illustration for Becky Brewis Restaurant

 Poster and schedule of the event.


IYS Backgrounds

November 2020 
Commission of the Truth Colombian peace process. Refuges in the UK. 
Title: A exile story
Link for watching the animation ( don’t forget to “flip” your phone).

It was shown in a YouTube life event with more than 23 countries where refugees of the Colombian conflict are.