Regeneration Process

This is a project, which was born from a farmer crisis, where his land was burned. Some days after a sparkle appear from inside the ground and a tree was burned from inside out. The remains are the cortexes that you might see over there.
The project consists on preserving this cortex and generating life from death. It is where moss started to grow from ashes. By creating an ecosystem with glass, which protects the cortex. . Glass as a rigid material conceived for urns or showcases letting light pass through it, to achieve the vivarium process.
It was a huge exploration about concepts of death and life, working with organic and inorganic materials. Like ashes as the essences of the living, and vitamins and minerals for the new becoming.

Epimorfosis o Morfalaxis  

La Necesidad Humana de preservar.

La corteza del árbol quemada gracias a una chispa interna es el eje central por el cual se empieza a desarrollar el proyecto. Al principio converge en una serie de ideas sobre la muerte, cenizas, el símbolo de la vida y aquello que se considera natural y orgánico, volviéndose poco a poco en un gesto por preservar su significado en la memoria humana y es allí cuando el vidrio aparece. Siendo un material tan rígido utilizado para vitrinas, urnas y demás, se impone entre la corteza como una especie de enredadera con distintos reflejos y cambios de luz.
El proceso del árbol germina en la plantación de vida sobre él, musgo que empieza a generar una especie de vivero que a su vez contiene muerte. La experimentación con el vidrio se vuelve un punto de partida también muy importante para la artista donde día a día tiene que lidiar con cortadas, procesos químicos y la regeneración de sus propias huellas.

Liz del mar
Laboratorio CanoIV

My name is Camila Ospina Gaitán I am a Colombian artist now living in Edinburgh-Scotland, I just finished my Contemporary Art Practice MFA at Edinburgh University. I strongly believe that being visual arts manager in Summerhall would be an amazing and inspiring opportunity for me. 

 On the first hand, as an artist, I understand the value of all types of pieces and the importance of communication with the public. Planning exhibitions, seminars and performances would continue with the cultural work that I have done and It would be an amazing opportunity for me. What is more, working with other artists planning installations, openings, and managing expectations would be splendid because I understand how this process and its importance.  With this in mind working for artists and contributing to the cultural sector is an incredible next step for me. 

On the second hand, I have had work experience in different cultural sectors as in 2016 for the Colombian minister of culture in the area of visual arts, one of the most important projects of that occasion was the Sixteenth Regional Art Saloon. I was part of the logistics of this, from coordinating big trucks with the mobility of the pieces to opening the different events of it. As well as planning the budget and audience information with my colleagues. Additionally, in 2017 I work for the Colombian peace process, in the area of none repetition in the cultural sector. Here I believe I learned how to work with all types of public from farmers to military trying to build pedagogy about no repetition of the conflict in a country that is still in an armed conflict. Furthermore, with this experience, I learned to work with big groups of people from different areas (politics, historians, anthropologists), and being resourceful, with a small budget create great things.  Therefore, I believe I can create a high-quality program for the Summerhall and increase the artist and audience engagement.

The next question would be why choose me? I am particular case I am a Latino woman living in Scotland and with an international cultural experienced program in Japan (2016 LAP Scholarship).  As a result of this combination, I can tell you that I work with passion and dedication. From my Colombian roots, I am kind, patient, and have good communication skills, in addition, I am bilingual because Spanish is my mother tongue. Also, from my Japanese experience, I am punctual and careful with the use of time for my colleagues and myself. Taking this into account my I would maintain excellent Scottish and international dialogues for Summerhall with organizations, charities, artists, and curators.   Finally, I believe this experience would benefit my future from a lot of different angles as well as contributes to society because I believe in the power of culture for a better future. 

Proceso De Regeneración  2016