The real party

 FARRRA  is a Colombian slang word for party, this project has started as a question of my own identity when I moved to the UK. It began with some personal experiences where I started to identify the sexualization of the Latin American woman based on their body language and dance.  It has also happened to me, in this personal experience, I felt a drastic change in peoples behavior due to my physical appearance and the construction of beliefs and behaviors based around stereotypes of different cultures. 

As a result, I started to recreate my own real Colombian party through the aesthetics of the ordinary, with symbolic sculptures, specific music, and the design of an environment based on my own Bogotá low-income party. The gallery space is turned into a “Rockola” bar, most of these spaces have a particular aesthetic and also use images and videos of Latin women being objectified. The piece can work as an installation as well as an experience or a performance in which my identity is constructed through my own experience and not the European male gaze.  
It is a decolonization and liberation process where the body is thought of as an expression, a form of communication, and a site of politics, history, and resistance.

The Final Display:    
A dialog between “ I don’t twerk for you motherfucker” and “Great Britain”.           2021
Mix media installation and moving sculpture 

Photos of process and pieces through​​FARRRA # 1-2-3 

 Series of Sculptures

 Installation and video

Participatory performance

 Mix media and moving sculptures

 An Hibrid of FARRRA#1 and FARRRA#2


 The muted party


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