Exhibition curated by Scott Hunter in Arts Spot Korin

Youtube short about the work 

Artwork exhibited: 

External Body


Resin and metal structure

Internal Body


Resin and metal structure 



Glass and necklaces 

As we know modern Japan is a dialogue between tradition and contemporary life. This project is a research on female body representation in anime, manga and Japanese prints. Furthermore, it is a comparison between Onna Musha’s (female warriors) representation in pre-modern Japanese prints with the contemporary hypersexualized female representation of today’s anime and manga. It’s a series of sculptures that represent the duality of the previously mentioned iconography and aesthetic, through delicate and translucent pieces.  The exhibition has an important Japanese historical analysis where symbols are used to depict the fluctuation between fragility and strength. For the artist, it is important to question today’s female representation and think of culture as a media where bodies can be thought of as a form of communication. The title Visual Pleasure and Narrative honours the text of Laura Mulvey who created the Male gaze term, an important term for this exhibition and the artist’s work while questioning the spectator and creator at the same time.

 15 mtn Talk about the project closing the exhibition 2023

This project was possible thanks to

The Great Britain Sasakawa Award

2023 Solo show Kyoto Japan